Sandy M Cheung

Artist Statement

Incorporating Chinese calligraphy and Western abstraction into my work fulfils the expression of my feeling about life and nature change. Life and nature are dynamic and powerful. They are changing unpredictably and uncontrollably. To make a connection between life, nature and myself, I paint what I think and imagine, rather than what I see in reality.

My work is influenced by my early training in Chinese calligraphy. I appreciate the art as its movement and rhythm touch my emotion and inspire my creativity. The technique is the strength that enriches my brushwork, creating a sense of movement. Each action of creating is predetermined as the same as writing Chinese calligraphy. The action directs me to dip, press, and turn with sudden variation of speed and force. The gestures merge with Western art techniques, resulting in a composition of harmony, balance, and contrast to form my version of abstraction.

Abstraction does not limit my expression in form, color, or subject matter. The possibilities of abstract painting allow me to explore non-representational colors and shapes to depict life and nature through my imagination. The organic forms represent the change in life and nature that is happening in the world. The imaginary landscape, human figure, and atmosphere also represent energy, love, and hope.

Bright Colors are consciously selected to support my optimistic attitude to life and nature change. To achieve a spontaneous unexpected result, I manipulate the immediacy by applying paints directly to canvas. The density of paints contrasts with the translucent thin washes, creating a flowing effect and a sense of depth. The unexpected and unpredictable results correspond with my thinking about the condition of life and nature nowadays. Bright colors are juxtaposed with dark colors, not only showing the contrast in the composition, but also implying my feeling of uncertainty about the change in life and nature in the future.

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